Due to this lockdown, everyone is finding it difficult to study. But acquiring knowledge is of the major things which you cannot stop. Here are 7 Ways to Study Online without Interruption in You Studies:

 1. Recorded and Live Lectures:

There are plenty of recorded lectures on the internet. Significant of them are on youtube and other learning platforms. Live lectures are also available on these sites, and they are easily accessible.

 2. EBooks:

As a supplement to original books, ebooks are also a great source of knowledge. EBooks are easily available online. One of the major sources is kindle.

 3. Online Quizzes:

Quizzes are the best option for reviewing your knowledge. There are plenty of sites available that takes online quizzes.

 4. Live Q&A sessions:

Some of the sites also provide a live question and answer session with their recorded and live videos.

 5. Interviews And Podcasts:

Interviews and podcasts are the future of online education. They are the best way to know someone and to gain knowledge as if how they became so successful.

 6. Online Journals:

There are plenty of journals available online through which one can easily access whatever topics they want.

 7. Discussion forums:

Most websites also provide discussion forums that will help you to clear doubts and enhance skills.

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