Our body and mind work simultaneously. Just as exercise is essential for a healthy body, meditation is essential for a healthy mind.  Meditation calms your mind and helps to increase focus. Hence it necessary to meditate daily and make it a routine. Here are some tips which can help you to start meditation:

 1. Find a Comfortable Place

It is very important to find a comfortable place to meditate as you will sit there for at least 15min. Some people comfort themselves by crossing legs and sit there on a pillow so as to make their back straight. Always remember to keep your back straight while doing meditation. Also, it is very important to close your eyes and keep your hands on the knees while keeping your palm facing up while meditating. This traditional posture is best for your mental fitness.

 2. Focus only on one Thing

Initially, you will face difficulty in focusing on one thing. This is absolutely fine. But try to focus only on one thing. This maybe your breath, your inhalation and exhalation process, or any Mantra (eg. OM) that you chant while meditating. Another thing you can focus on is to try to visualize that some kind of light is glowing in you. Try to visualize that you’re feeling calmer and calmer.

 3. Meditate at least For 15 mins

It is compulsory to sit for at least 15 minutes daily for meditation. Also, try to increase your time in the long run. You can increase 5 minutes every month, and for a noticeable change increase your time up to 30 min per day.  You will see the benefits very soon.

 4. Place this in your Routine

Just as you brush daily, bath daily, eat daily, try to meditate daily. Bring this to your daily routine to see noticeable changes. Say to yourself that You will meditate daily for the rest of your life. Try to make it a habit. You can meditate whenever you want, but the morning is the best time to meditate.

 5. Keep a Positive Mindset

Always try to keep a positive mindset while meditating. Just like junk food negatively affects your exercise and work out, junk thoughts or negative thoughts can ruin the power of meditation. So always try to keep positive things in your mind and inculcate positive thoughts while meditating.

 6. Improve Your Focus

It is normal that you may not be able to focus at the beginning. You may face issues like thinking about any random stuff. Try to bring your focus back to your breaths. In this process of bringing back your focus, your concentration power and focus both will increase.  Over time you will gradually start improving your focus.

 7. Build your Practice

Keep repeating the above steps and practice it every day. This will possess a source of wisdom, peace, and happiness in you. In long run, you will see the difference, and finally, this will be the main key to your success.

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