Just after the results are out there is always confusion in students as to what career options shall they choose. So before discussing the career options let us find out what not to do before taking any decision:-

Don’t follow your Friends or don’t follow the crowd: This simply means don’t just unknowingly take up the career which others are taking in their life.

Pressure due to parents: There is always a myth that the arts stream has less potential and the science stream has greater potential. This is embedded in most of the parents’ minds. But this is not true. You have to choose your career according to your interest and not just what parents think you should do.

Lack of knowledge: This is the biggest mistake one does while choosing a career. Always gain a little bit of knowledge of every field and then try to pick those fields which you have the most interest in.

After knowing what not to do let you focus on what really are the best options out there to choose the career:


This is a 2-year long course. After 10th class, you can either choose:


Science – This is One of the most famous streams.

Science students can opt for :

Non-Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Biology


The subjects offered for arts or humanities field are:

Compulsory subjects: History, Geography, Political Science, English.

Optional Subjects: Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Music, Dance, Fine arts, Multimedia, Fashion Designing,  Graphic Designing, Entrepreneurship,  etc..


The subjects offered for Commerce field are:

Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, English, Mathematics (optional)

Careers options are CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), CFA (Chartered financial analyst), Corporate Law Management, etc.


Polytechnic colleges offer diploma courses for a duration of 1,2 and 3 years. Students can opt for polytechnic courses like Civil, Computer, Mechanical,  Chemicals, Automobile.

ITI (Industrial Training Institutes):–

Students can do ITI courses for fields like electrical, Mechanical, etc.

Students can also opt for Short term courses like Graphics, Tally, MSCIT, etc.

Conclusion: Choose a career after having full knowledge about the particular course. Don’t just choose the options which others are choosing, try to choose your career based on your research.

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